Take a Bite Out of Jesus

Take a Bite Out Of Jesus is a spiritual lesson told by the author of his personal journey through hardships of failing health. Everyone at some point in their life has to meet life-changing health challenges. We all have to manage our fading bodies, but take heart! We are promised a new body that clothes us! The new is from heaven and is raised in glory! The Lord will raise us up on the last day and give believers an everlasting body having the properties associated with the body of Jesus! His strength is perfected in our weakness.

This can encourage us as we cope with age-related health issues. So, take heart and partake of the Lord’s body while still in the flesh. Take a Bite Out of Jesus right now! And, receive his promise of a better eternal body!



First Adam vs. Last Adam

First Adam vs. Last Adam offers an historical perspective on America’s founding fathers role in drafting The Declaration of Independence. Their belief focused upon a Creator who provides certain inalienable rights to citizens that government must protect. They urged that the Creator’s rights given to citizens be assured by a new government and authority torn away from a King ruling by Divine right.

Upon this belief Americans fought the Revolutionary War. The Constitution was to be written after the war was won.

Today Americans who have dual citizenship in both our government and the kingdom of God are challenged by many government leaders who object to this viewpoint. This commentary encourages Americans today as citizens to stand on the original founding principles of America. Not to become ruled by politicians attempting to impose their will by identity politics or their vision of moral correctness.

First Adam vs. Last Adam encourages America’s dual citizens to have no part in misguided politics. Christian believers who seek an effective democracy need to apply God’s word in their voting decisions. We need to express our faith in the wisdom of America’s founders.




About the Author

These are the first books written by Rodney A. Hempel, which are personal expressions of faith prompted by a health crisis. A resident of Columbia, Maryland, he grew up in the Midwest and studied engineering at the University of Missouri in Columbia. He retired after a successful private sector business career. He and his wife Rachelle raised four wonderful children. He now spends his time writing, traveling with family and friends, and playing with their grandchildren.