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  • I have read the books and thoroughly enjoyed them both. In take a Bite out of Jesus, when you spoke of the “thorns” in your life’s journey, being humbled,and how that is a spiritual learning curve, it’s wonderful to know what awaits us when we partake of that broken body on the cross and the resurrected one. Let us lean on our Lord as Job did throughout his many trials. As you said in the book, it is through Jesus that we gain spiritual strength, guidance ,and wisdom. Let us continue to hunger for him.
    You nailed it in First Adam vs Last Adam. many of our people and it’s leaders have lost sight of the principles on how this country should be run. Our leaders need to seek God’s word and wisdom when making laws for us. Not their misguided politics and agendas of taking God out of everything. As you so perfectly put it, we Americans with duel citizenship, need to stand on the original founding principles of America. All we need to do is read some history of another powerful nation, Rome. they destroyed themselves from within, serving many gods, doing whatever they felt, killing Christians, etc. Sound familiar? Our country needs to be seeking the one true God for salvation.
    Thanks again for getting my blood stirred up about this country and making me hungrier for Jesus.

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